Inventory / goods management system that can automatically acquire the position and display it on a digital map

Just by pasting an RFID tag and holding a handy reader over it, you can remotely read up to hundreds of things per second and display "what", "where" and "how much" on a digital map. It is a management system.At various sites such as stores, warehouses, and factories, we can streamline inventory and goods management to reduce unproductive time, and enable innovative marketing that utilizes product location information.

detail of function

Entry / exit function

Generally, if RFID is used, the time for warehousing and delivery can be reduced to 1 to 2%.A large number of objects are read in bulk and reflected in the inventory list.You can inspect by checking against the warehousing / delivery schedule list.

Inventory function

You can instantly grasp the type and number of inventory, goods, and fixed assets with RFID tags attached, and you can also check against the inventory list.

Mapping function

Simply attach RFID tags (hereinafter referred to as "position reference tags") to places where stocks and goods are placed (shelf, floor, etc.) and read them all at once with a handy reader, and our position analysis technology will use each stock and goods Is linked to the nearest position reference tag on the system.With this mechanism, the position of any object can be automatically acquired and displayed on the digital map.

In addition, it includes a radar search function (P3 Finder) and a tool that makes it easy to place shelves and location reference tags on a digital map.

How to use

While labor shortages are a serious issue in the field, we are wasting a lot of time by managing analog and personal things. Locus Mapping reduces unproductive time such as inventory and goods management and helps you focus on value-adding tasks.In addition, as the store is being reviewed, we will promote the digitization of stores by newly utilizing RFID to improve work efficiency and customer experience.

  • Streamlining warehousing / inventory, lending / returning
  • Efficiency of inventory / article search and picking
  • Free location of warehouse
  • Optimal placement and management of inventory and goods, etc.
  • Display product locations on signage and smartphones for customers
  • Efficient inventory search and picking in the sales floor and backyard
  • Efficient product delivery and prevention of shortages
  • Analysis of shelving allocation, etc.

Radar that identifies the position of what you are looking for at high speed and with high accuracy

P3 Finder displays the horizontal and vertical positions of items with UHF band RFID tags on the smartphone screen mounted on the handy reader.Compared to the conventional method that uses only radio field strength, the object is identified with box-by-box accuracy by using radio wave phase analysis. We also provide SDK (Software Development Kit), which does not require detailed knowledge of RFID reader control and can be immediately incorporated into applications.

Online manual

How to use

Eliminates the inefficiency of spending time searching for inventory, products, and goods at various sites such as stores, warehouses, and factories.For example, it can be used for this purpose.It is compatible with the following models / OSs, and will be compatible with other handy readers in the future.

RFID handy reader Smartphone OS
Bluebird RFR900 EF400, EF500 Android 6.0.1 or higher
DENSO WAVE SP1 Android device Android 6.0.1 or higher

Real-time automatic management solution for warehousing and delivery

Locus Gate consists of hardware including an antenna and reader, and built-in software that operates inside the reader. Just lay it at the doorway of a warehouse, etc., and no special work is required. By incorporating AI analysis, only the RFID tags that have passed are identified, and warehousing / delivery is automatically managed in real time.

How to use

In the store, more advanced inventory management can be realized by grasping the location in real time, whether the product / inventory is in the sales floor or in the backyard.In addition, by automating the management of warehousing and delivery, on-site operations can be streamlined.For example, it can be used for the following real-time automatic management.

  • Product movement between the backyard and the sales floor in the store
  • Goods, inventory, goods in and out of the warehouse
  • Rental / return of equipment, equipment and goods in the office

Unmanned inventory management by automatic traveling robot

By combining our patented radio wave phase analysis (Patent No. 5987187 "Storage medium position detection system and program") with an automatic traveling robot and drone, further efficiency and labor saving can be realized by unmanned reading.

How to use

Unmanned inventory and location management with automated guided vehicles (AGV) and drones

In large warehouses, factories, and stores, even RFID can take a long time to be read by a handy reader.Combined with an automated guided vehicle (AGV), it enables unmanned inventory and location management at night.

Even indoors where GPS does not reach, autonomous flight of drones equipped with a small reader and a small antenna is possible, and it can be used for unmanned inventory and location management like AGV.In addition, AGV can read inventory and goods in high places where radio waves do not reach from below.