P3 Finder SDK

Phased based 3D RAIN RFID tags Finder SDK

P3 Finder SDK is for your development of Apps that present a three-dimension locational information on multiple RAIN RFID tags on radar maps.
It can display the precise distance and direction of targeting RAIN RFID tags in horizontal and vertical views.
You may include this positioning feature in your own RFID app via P3 Finder SDK.


To perform a fast real time inventory search operation on lost or misplaced equipment, perishable merchandise, different size or colored apparel or jewelry, misplaced books in warehouses, stores, factories, offices, data-centers, hospitals, libraries and etc.

Supported RFID Handheld devices
RFID Handy Reader SmartPhone OS
AsReader GUN Type iPod touch, iPhone iOS 10.0+
Bluebird RFR900 EF400 or EF500 attaching via device connector Android 6.0.1+
RFID Handy Reader AsReader GUN Type Bluebird RFR900
SmartPhone iPod touch, iPhone EF400 or EF500 attaching via device connector
OS iOS 10.0+ Android 6.0.1+

P3 Mapper / AI

Phase based 3D RAIN RFID locus Mapper

P3 Mapper/AI is an innovative real-time inventory management solution that enables automatic management of stock movement. It’s a floor mat shape device that comprises of the RAIN RFID antenna which in turn is used to detect stocks as they enter and exit a warehouse over the device.

Simply place the mat device at the entrance of a warehouse or a backyard to start tracking your stocks.


P3 Mapper enables users to lock in on the inventory level and the location of asset items in a retail business store or warehouse.
This cost-effective solution enhances efficiency of inventory management and increases the productivity of business workflows.
In addition, this management solution includes functionality that automates the process of asset item dispatch and shipping operations.

Leveraging advanced robotic and drone-based technology

RFLocus’s patented RFID Phase-based technology is integrated with an Automated guided vehicle (AGV) to identify the locations of RFID tagged items.
In our internal inventory management lab, this solution seamlessly locates items on shelf units, and the accuracy of positioning is less than 10 cm within the shelf unit.


Automatic inventory count and location management

Improves your inventory management efficiency and reduces labor costs on counting inventory and searching for goods.

The solution may be most useful when it takes time to locate items in warehouses, distribution centers, libraries, and so forth.

Advanced technologies with a drone

Even inside of a building where GPS does not reach, drone-based solution can be adopted with a compact reader and a small antenna.

The information returned by a RFID drone accurately reports the positions of the RFID tags. You can quickly discover lost items and items with different colors and sizes, and/or with perishable goods that are expired.