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On this page, we will show you how to set up your smartphone screen.

By looking at this page

I understand.

How to set the range of the circle of the search function

Click "Settings" on the home screen of the smartphone app.


Click "RSSI Range".


Please click the red frame part.


You can freely set the display area when a tag is detected.
There are three ranges that actually read the tag at three distances and display it on the radar.

Set the Close, Near, and Far values.
(Close is the center circle, Near is the second circle, and Far is the third circle.)

Against the tag

① Close: Distance you want to put in the center circle
② Near: Distance you want to put in the second circle
③ Far: Distance you want to put in the third circle

Read the tag from.

How to set each value recommended by RF Lucas

Close: -52.0dBm
Near: -65.0dBm
Far: -75.0dBm

Is the default setting.
(Please note that "-" (minus) is added.)