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On this page, we will inform you about the operating environment.

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I understand.

Recommended PC environment

Browser OSGoogle Chrome latest version
Communication environmentWired LAN, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), LTE, 5G
* If there is a security port, it is necessary to open one line port.
* Information will be linked to our AWS cloud.

Recommended mobile device environment

OSAndroid 6.0 and above
Communication environmentWired LAN, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), LTE, 5G
OthersGoogle account and G-mail for updating the app
* The APK file will be sent to G-mail when the latest application is updated.

Recommended handy reader environment

Please use the handy reader specified by RF Lucas, whose operation has been confirmed.

Corresponding handy readerBluebird: RFR900
Denso Wave: SP1
Usage environmentRadio wave interference with other devices (920MHz, LPWA) may occur.
* Please contact us in advance if there is a possibility of radio wave interference.
* Advance notification to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is required (up to 1 month in advance)

CSV file format

UTF-8 is used as the CSV file format.
Characters may be garbled in formats other than UTF-8.

When Excel is available

To save the file in UTF-8 format, select "CSV UTF-8" in "File format" when saving as shown in the above figure.

If you cannot use Excel

  1. Right-click the CSV file and select "Open with"-> "Notepad".
  2. Open the file with Notepad, check that the characters are not garbled, select "File"-> "Save As", and select "UTF-8" for "Character Code" to save.

How to update the smartphone app

We will show you how to update the smartphone app.
Please uninstall the existing application and then install the latest version of the application.

The flow is

  1. Uninstall an existing application
  2. Install the latest version of the application
  3. Open the app and set the reader


Uninstall an existing application

"Press and hold" the app on the top screen of your smartphone.

The screen will look like the one above, so move it to "Uninstall" in the upper right while holding down the app.

You will be asked "Are you sure you want to uninstall this app?", So select "OK".
You can uninstall it.

Install the latest version of the application

You will receive an email like the one on the screen above.
Please click the application part (red frame part).

It will look like the upper screen. Click on the "Package Installer" part.
When the package installation is completed, the following screen will be displayed.

Click Install.

Open the app and set the reader

After opening the app, enter your ID and password as you normally would.

After installing the latest version of the app, you will be asked for the name of the reader you are using, so select the appropriate reader name.

・ If you are a leader of Bluebird, RFR900
・ If you are a leader of Denso Wave, SP1

please choose.

This is the end of the update work.