Browser screen guidance

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This page will guide you through the web browser screen.By looking at this page I understand.

How to log in with a web browser

Please access the URL provided by the RF Lucas representative.

Enter your ID and Password information in ① and ②.
Click ③ to log in.

Each item on each screen and their detailed contents

We will introduce each item using the inventory screen as an example.

① User, tenant name
The user name and tenant name are displayed.

② Warehouse name
Displays the warehouse name.You can select the registered warehouse from the pull-down menu.

③ Each function
You can transition to each function such as arrival, shipment, inventory, etc.

④ Map enlargement / reduction button
You can enlarge or reduce the map of ⑤.Press and hold to zoom in / out continuously.

⑤ Map
It is a map registered in "Ledger".

⑥ Log out
You can log out of the current user.

⑦ Function name
Displays the currently displayed function name.

⑧ Search window
You can search for products by specified conditions.It is customizable.

⑨ Search button
Search is performed under the conditions set in ⑧.

⑩ CSV file output
You can output the product list data displayed in ⑬ in CSV file format.

⑪ Number of items displayed
You can specify the number of products to be displayed at one time with ⑬.

⑫ Display items
Product information.It is customizable.

⑬ Product information
Product information.